Why have we forgotten who we are? We are multi-dimensional in the sense of awareness. Our physical form and the mental, the mind, takes us through experiences. When we open up through consciousness, the body-mind can choose to shift the experience. The soul is the silent observer of our selves.

So, how do we connect? We must be aware to connect with our deeper, inner strength. We become one with the self when we calm the mind and connect with the mantra we use in meditation (I will give you your mantra in class). Meditation is the tool to become knowingly through the experience. As we meditate, we turn within our self each day and draw from within our hearts. We experience peace, harmony and healing.

The second simplest way to connect with our inner self is through the prana (see yesterday’s meditation post). The prana, or breath, takes us inward. We breath in and we breath out. When we are aware, the breath automatically wants to harmonize with the deeper self. In Vedic teachings, thoughts and guidelines are with us each day. Every action, intent, and thought of our individual nature leaves an imprint in the psyche of our mind. Life experiences, hidden expectations and circumstances manifest as latent tendency, a karmic impulse.

The third way to connect with our deeper self is to become one with auspicious nature. Cultivate a desire to harmonize, become mystical with nature. When we plant a seed, we nurture the seed, and it grows and it blossoms. Stop what you’re doing and devote time to nature. Nature is not locked down. Nature is in everything we do. Nature flows like a river. If you are near a river, stand in it and meditate. The river will flow around you, just like a river will make its way around rocks and boulders. It doesn’t stop, it flows around the rock and softens it. 

If you take time to be one with nature, you will learn many valuable lessons. This is renewal, restful awakening and graciousness. We look for answers on the exterior, but all the answers we need we hold within.

Your life will flow like a river.



Material from Chopra studies, live lecture, instructors comments and phrases.

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