Michele Marano provides clients an in-depth understanding of not only real estate, but deal-making, negotiations, market value, risk assessment, and market trend understanding. Her credibility is proven, as she places great importance on offering her clients a value they will not find anywhere else. Marano demonstrates the highest level of integrity and trustworthiness instantly, whom she shares a common background in business with her clients.  TREC provides a license to practice real estate, but an individual’s experience in business is what sets one Agent apart from the rest.  

Marano, who came to Houston in 1990 to trade oil commodities and OTC markets, has 30+ years business experience, 19+ years as a business owner and licensed 12+ years in real estate.  Marano’s real estate experience covers all areas of Houston from River Oaks to Houston’s Energy Corridor, Downtown to The Woodlands and Lake Conroe. Marano has worked in Commercial Real Estate as far north as Dallas’ suburbs.


Marano worked for 15 years as an energy commodity broker, mostly in New York. She did do two tours of duty in Houston in the ’90s, during which time she always wished there was someone to call, to help someone like her. It led her to thinking, there is a real need here.  Then in 2012, when Houston was named “The Energy Capital of the World,” Marano’s background, trading oil and working on NYMEX in energy commodity markets, enabled her to be the choice Agent for most energy professionals to call.  She spoke their language, understood the markets, articulated real estate trends and knew Houston very well. Marano now consults in residential real estate.