The Vedic philosophy is one of the oldest philosophical teachings and traditions of India. Sanskrit is the ancient classical language of India, the worlds oldest language.

Veda means knowledge and “anta” means end or goal. Vedic philosophy is based on self-realization.

Are you ever wondering about deep thoughts of who you are or why are you where you are? Rest assured, you are meant to be exactly where you are, in each moment.   Vedanta is the acquiring of inner wisdom, knowledge of the divine, not learned or taught or given to us through a book, but is granted to us by the divine, through sound by the great divine during meditation. Vadantic teaching is about self-realization, surrendering to the divine. We connect with our inner power, our true self, our soul.

It is Meditation that takes us inward. In Vedic philosophy, meditation allows us a focus state of mind, a deeper level of knowing, the power to work through and beyond our karmic patterns.  

Vadanta teaches us 3 aspects. The Body – our outer instrument for reality, the Mind – the subtle body or inner instrument and Consciousness – our deeper level – not the mind, the true self- the pure light, the pure space and energy.  The light and energy operates through the body but we don’t see it.  We go inward to connect with our true self, our inner being, our soul.

Vidya Sanskrit word means to know, wisdom or knowledge. The wisdom is earned through deep practice and experience. In the yogic sense, Avidya means something that goes far beyond ordinary ignorance. The prefix “A” in Avidya is lack of or ignorance. Avidya is a fundamental blindness about reality. Avidya – ignorance – not knowing, is a Sanskrit word whose literal meaning is spiritual ignorance, the inability to experience your deep connection to others, to the source of being, and to your true Self. And it is the opposite of Vidya.”

You are the witness to your being, your thoughts and emotions, yet you are not your thoughts and emotions.  Our inner witness is the non-localized reality. Non-localize means before birth or not in a local sense as in now.  Our inner witness is the inner core of being, or knowing.  It is moving in us.  Our inner wisdom is our self-inquiry of our being.  

Do you ever ask yourself these questions I am about to ask you? Who am I? We are deeper within our self. What is the essence of our being? We cannot get answers externally. We have to turn within, go to the core. What do I want? What is my purpose? What am I grateful for? If you ask yourself these questions, this is your heart connection reflected internally. You are self-inquiring. In Primordial sound meditation, which is what I teach, we use a mantra meditation. The mind becomes unified with awareness, the deeper sense of our self.  The third eye or the heart is the inner being, the vibratory force.

Each breath is the universe

Everything we see is infinite and looks back at us within our inner vision. Are you ready to take your spiritual journey?  



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