When we meditate, we silence the mind and are in a space of no thought. This space of silence, which is the space between thoughts, we call the gap.  The gap is where we experience our true self, infinite possibilities, our soul. “The qualities of our soul, infinite possibilities, must be silent to reconnect with ourselves.” Chopra Center Instructor.

This is Meditation. Our thoughts, memories and actions create a cycle, which we experience daily for 16 hours every day. This is limited possibilities. When we meditate, we go beyond the cycle into silence, or the gap and reconnect with the essential nature of our soul.  Meditation allows us to experience infinite potential, where there is infinite possibilities.  Each time we meditate, we bring out a part of the essential quality of our soul. 

Inhale, Exhale. When we begin meditation we take deep breaths. Breathing is called Pranayama. It is one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  Expanding the breath connects the individual energy to cosmic energy, God.  Breath open us up to unbounded energy.  There are 4 breaths. 

Breath in, God comes to us.

Hold Breath, God stays with us.

Breath Out, We go to God.

Pause Breath, We surrender.

Breathing mirrors our thoughts.  

In meditation, we hold our awareness for a great amount of time.  Inner concentration is required to move inward.  We detach from our senses and turn our sense inward.  The inner space of consciousness holds everything.  Space or awareness mirrors yourself.  Everything you see is a reflection from your own mind.   When we move inward, we unify the senses and the mind, the thrd eye.  We forget our inner being because we look outward daily at jobs, politics, economics, money, and responsibilities.  Its a cycle and when we meditate, we break from the cycle.  

Our outer lives are a reflection of our inner lives.  We cultivate a Sadhana, daily practice of spirituality.  In Meditation, we bring discipline and stillness, focused attention and rejuvenation into our lives. We must celebrate our lives. What we need from the external world is somone who can turn us inward, so we not look for answers outwardly from external sources.  Our bliss is from within. You don’t need approval from the outside world.

Through Michele’s studies at The Chopra Center, she will teach you Primordial Sound Meditation.  Primordial Sound is all sounds of nature.  In primordial sound meditation, you are given your own personal mantra based on the time, place and date of your birth.  The moon is located at a particular place in relation to the earth at your time of birth, and this sound is your personal mantra. The mantra is used to focus the mind.  

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