I would like to welcome you to my new space. Although I am not able to be with you live, I am speaking to you live from my heart, wherever you are and to wherever this will bring you.

Authenticity is the foundation of my work, as you will experience through my services, and it is my core in reaching out to you, as my followers. Through my experience, over decades from the trenches of corporate America to the luxuries and pitfalls of entrepreneurship, I am consistently moved by the true elements of nature and the beauty around us. My work takes me from homes to businesses, interiors-exteriors, furnishings, antiques and the essence of everything combined, our true nature, our true self.

It is through nature, where we are inspired to do everything we do. As a child, I learned that the most enduring aspects of life are everlasting and come from the beauty of nature. It does not matter our age, where we are or what we do. Our true self and nature is with us in our every moment.

The most simplistic treasure of who we are, are our senses. Being aware of our senses and using our senses to connect with nature is how we find our inner strengths. Creativity comes from within and it is through creativity we are able to express ourselves to others. I am sharing my expressions to you though my works of creativity and it is through my work that we connect.

Most of you will connect with me in some way, many have come to connect through meditation. I am here to inspire you, teach you and share my knowledge with you, whether it is through real estate, an aspect of design or on a spiritual level.

Our simplest work is devotion. Give Love and Love will give back to you. Be true to your self and all other things will fall into place.

Sincerely, Michele

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