Transformation. This is how we flow with intentions. Turn great into gorgeous. Chairs are ready for sale. Beautiful chairs with new beginnings and other pieces we make new again.

If you are looking at transforming an old piece into a new life, we can do that for you. It takes some creativity to find the right fabrics and the key is how the upholstery transforms the piece. Our chairs are new and old but our upholstery is magical and no upholsterer does the work we do. Michele has many chairs in her design inventory, many corbels and lots of ironstone, and uniqueness still remaining.

We can help you find the right pieces, lighting, rugs, or just pulling it all together. It really makes a difference in how you want your room, home, or business to look. The way you style speaks about yourself and your business. Let others know who you are and what you love. Share with the world something about your self and the world will smile back at you.



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