For 15 years, I worked in energy commodity markets, and after that I ventured into technology where I provided expertise to large commercial accounts. In 2002, I ventured out on my own and started my own businesses. My expertise in market knowledge led me into real estate, a passion that my family had that guided my awareness and interests in all aspects. Real Estate was a natural fit for me. In addition, being an artist, I started a design company at the same time, having always wanting to combine business with art. Today, the 2 companies merge, and I serve clients in both aspects of business.

As early as my twenties, I learned market commentary working on the NYMEX, The New York Mercantile Exchange and I continued providing market commentary to all media outlets throughout my career, in both energy commodities and real estate. For CNBC, on several occasions, I would speak directly with Dianne Olick on Houston’s real estate. I also provided segments for the Wall Street Journal, landing an article with my real estate client on front photo. CNBC did a segment on site in Houston, filming myself and a client to discuss the affects of energy on Houston’ real estate. Bloomberg, Oil and Gas Journal and many other print and media outlets called on me about Houston’s markets.

When we express ourselves, no matter how we express our creativity, our higher self always has an outlet for expression. For me, a talent I love to share is market knowledge and explaining to others how and why current economics, both locally and nationally, effect our real estate and more importantly our lives. Working in commodity markets for over a decade, market commentary comes natural, speaking effectively and articulately about the national economy, the politics behind real estate, the players, and how to navigate through these times. Why would you buy 10 of thousands of dollars above appraised prices or react spontaneously to real estate?  Real estate decisions ultimately effects our lives.

Today, I provide market commentary to all clients and different audiences. If you want to discuss real estate, the economy both local and national, foreign affairs, the energy industry, the price of oil, Biden’s policies, and inflation, this is what I do.

These factors affect our real estate market here in Houston and in all states across our nation. The choices you make when transacting in real estate will effect you not only now, but in the many years to come.

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