I’m aware of my life being anchored to Nature, which is a part of our existence and a part of our practice in Meditation. When we meditate, we connect and return to the memory of wholeness. Nature is a part of who we are and healing is not just addressing the physical body but the spirit, the relations, the environment, basically all of it. 

So, you’re probably asking why is nature relevant to meditation? Dr. Chopra revived an ancient meditation technique of India. He packaged it to be easy to learn, so we each maintain our core values. He named it Primordial Sound Mantra Meditation. 

Primordial sound means sounds of nature. The sounds of the universe when we were born, connects us back. The sound is the most-subtle sense. Meditation takes us to a new level of silence. When we connect to nature, we are connecting to our true self, our spirit, our soul. In every aspect of nature we are a part. The waves, the ocean body, the trees and flowers. Everything you see is a reflection of yourself. Why are we inspired by nature? Nature reconnect us with our true self and it inspires us. Inspiration means In- Spirit. It’s not a coincidence, whether you spend moments, days, or years in nature, you feel a connection to your being, a lift in spirit and for many of us, an inspiration to create.

I grew up along the country side of New York. As a child, I never knew the impact nature would have on my life. Each of my senses were carefully articulated, although I never knew at the time. Perceptions of textures, colors and patterns of the outdoors became my every day life. My most vivid image, which I still hold dear to me, is a portion of our land blossomed every year into the most picturesque brilliant wild yellow daffodils. It made such an impact on me that I use this image to create beautiful paintings, reflective of it. Sounds of nature, the stream across my house seems like it is still always with me. Touching nature was as natural to me as picking strawberries in my yard, touching leaves, and the feel of my frozen mittens from skating outdoors in the freezing cold. I cannot forget the taste of apples and blackberries picked along or road. All are memories eternal to my being. Although I never knew then, my childhood years in nature were designed with a purpose and now the purpose connects with who I am today. Art, painting, designs made with natural fibers, home decor using neutrals, fabrics of nature-inspired textures are all recollections of moments with nature. Vivid memories of my childhood years define who I am and how I create is expressed through the inspiration of nature. 

One with nature

by Michele Marano

My senses are pure like wisdom, Exact to the moment in time,

A child who didn’t know then, walked hand and hand to shine.

I smell the scent of snow, On my mittens frozen cold,

Lilacs in my yard, Turns time back then into today’s behold.

Vision of daffodils, I paint each stem,

Never are these near me, but are close to wherever I am.

I listen to the stream, True to nature’s flow,

I walk with it daily, The water only knows.

I was restless, A child who didn’t know, 

Why I was one with nature, Reminded of what took time to grow.

I didn’t know at any moment, Only nature was with me then,

I only learned now, How nature reminds me of who I am. 

I am one with nature, Flawless nature is my soul,

These are the memories I use now, As a reminder of who I am.

I am one with nature.  

Nature is who

I am. 

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