In my meditation today the topic was intuition. So what exactly is intuition, the gut instinct, the inner voice that speaks to us in silence?

For decades I had inkling of it, felt it and believed it but now I realize it.  Intuition is one’s own knowledge from within.  It’s our inner wisdom, a guiding light some will call it, God speaking to us but which ever way it is referred to, it is our soul guiding us. It’s as genuine and natural as accepting a mothers love. We all have it but only some listen to it. It is one’s spiritual eye, born within us all. It is the most subtle but also seemingly, the most powerful when we tap into it. As Chopra says, “when your center is awakened, you transcend your identity with body mind emotions and ego. You know yourself as pure love, pure intelligence, and pure creativity and this is where self realization is born.”  

This is the most natural aspect of our being. It is within us, at all times, it’s our true guide. All we have to do is listen. As we go through life, we are able to maneuver through the most complicated roads we travel. Inconsistency, doubt, judgment, frustration, fear, anxiety and anger are some of those moments where we need our inner self to guide us. When balanced within our center, we are able to overcome any situation by listening to our inner guide, making the right decisions. Our soul is always there to guide the best scenario for our self. We are able to move through situations with ease and truth of wisdom.

It is through our breath that we find our center and when we meditate we are able to bring this balance into our daily lives. Listening to our intuition, we learn answers, the truth to everything, because every answer lies within us. We ask and the answers are always given. 

Exercise in Breathing:

Inhale wisdom and the present. 

Exhale tension and energy that does not serve you. 

Nameste, Michele

Michele’s studies are through the Chopra Center and this is a partial lesson from a guided meditation. Michele is Certified through the Chopra Center in Primordial Sound Meditation. Michele offers meditation classes, individual sessions and the course in Meditation.

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