For the months of summer, Michele Marano & Associates is offering home owners small design concepts with big impacts.

Need an update, some changes, a fresh look? We will make an impact on your spaces. Select 2 or more rooms in your home or business and you will be featured in our video production and your rooms will be highlighted in our Instagram, FB, LinkedIn, and UTube productions.

If you have a business, this is great exposure. If you want to be featured without all the hassle, we will do that for you as well. This is the chance to get your spaces up to date, making changes you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t quite had the time or the ideas.

Prices vary with location of home or business. This is a full service approach with small changes, quick results and a chance to be featured with Michele.

If you prefer just the design ideas we do a la carte also. In this case, you pay for just the design concepts we create for you through drawing and conceptual formats. You are not featured and we do not do the physical changes for you but you will get the same final results.

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