Moments away from a New year, new possibilities, pack your intentions with authentic values, needs and dreams. Michele will guide you through the chaotic real estate market, interiors with style and boatloads of meditation practices for the new year. Consulting in each area is available to you. Classes for the novice meditator, learn to design by inspiration or for those longing for help with your home and real estate, Michele is an expert with years of experience. She has lots of tips in renovations, design ideas, cultivating your dreams and how to get what you need in real estate.

With the unusual climate in real estate market, unusual things are happening. What should you know?

  1. Values of the property you are buying or selling

2. What is driving the market

3. Is now the time to in the market or should you wait

4. What will change the market

5. What is the next step

Michele will be doing private meditations with clients starting in January. If you want to learn to meditate or want to learn how to create and motivate yourself through consciousness, memories and inspirations, she will be teaching individual classes. Meditation and how to inspire yourself are part of the series.

Michele’s studio is now in Conroe. By appointment, you can come by to discuss services in design for the home, colors, room arrangements, renovation ideas, or shop her inventory. She has lots of custom art, architectural and accessories including lighting, sconces, custom pillows, furnishings and more.

“This year will really be a great new year for us”, says Michele. “We are going all out in expanding what we do and providing our expertise to the public. It’s been a whirlwind last year with new homes and renovation projects but now we can focus on other’s homes and projects, teach people how to inspire themselves and fall in love daily with where they live. The home is truly one’s sanctuary”, says Marano. “It needs to be your haven.”

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