Most people don’t realize there is a cheaper and better way to stage a home than with hauling a stagers furnishings into your home and paying a premium for it. So what is the alternative?

Virtual staging is placing furniture in rooms of your home for online viewing, when actually there is no furniture in the rooms. So how does this work? Leave it up to the experts and we are able to manipulate the photos to perfectly stage your rooms beautifully with furnishings that match the home and style of decor. If you compare the cost of someone who is actually bringing furniture to “stage the home physically”, the cost will outweigh the cost of virtual staging. Staging a home professionally by paying someone to bring in furniture can run anywhere from $600 – $800 per room, per month, so you’re looking at spending $2000 – $2400 per month for roughly a 2000 sq ft home. Virtual staging runs anywhere from $30 on up, per room, depending how beautifully seamless you want the look and how flawless you want the placement of furniture to appear to viewers. Its kind of like hiring a designer. You get what you pay for.

Virtual staging sometimes is so flawless that you are not sure if its virtually staged or not, however, virtual staging is always disclosed in the listing by Real Estate Agent. It is always better to show a home that has furniture in some of the rooms vs. nothing. The novice buyer looking to purchase will have an easier time viewing the rooms furnished because they can visualize how much furniture will fit and how the home looks furnished. A professional eye views an empty home and sees opportunity, but this does not work for everyone. The reason for the virtual staging is to attract buyers to the home so they want to come to see your home, and this of course, is what everyone wants when selling a home.

Michele provides virtual staging to anyone anywhere in the US and works with Realtors in helping them prepare their listings.

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