Michele Marano & Associates has teamed up with professional movers to help you with pre-moving, packing and organization that will allow your move to flow. Moving is not an easy task. You have to organize your move to keep things less chaotic. We will organize your packing, designate labels, lists, and prepare boxes accordingly so you know where things are located and where they are going, whether it is pods or storage. Who doesn’t want to know what is where when it comes time to locate your belongings in a move.

We do this as an additional service to our design because so many people are in a crunch to move. It can become hectic when it comes to packing your home. Michele Marano & Associates will provide you with a team to help you get organized before and during the move. Believe me, from experience I had 4 pods and we organized each room, labeled every box and knew where items were generally located. When it came time to unload the pods, we knew which ones we wanted first and which rooms were in each pod and what was generally in each box.

It was a lot of prep work but in the long run it was worth every minute of it. Its kind of like going into an flawless, organized closet and knowing where everything is located so when you go to find a certain belt or bag, you know where its located. Cost vary based on amount of services and size of home.

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