During my studies at the Chopra Center, we learned how to use our memories, rather than letting our memories use us. Life is a cycle of memories, desires and actions. Often, we live this cycle of creating actions from past memories and desires. For every action, there was a desire and from that desire, there is an action, which creates another memory. We want to break this cycle. This is not who we are. Our past can be used in ways that will propel our present moment if we understand we are not our thoughts. We are the thinker of our thoughts. We are not our thoughts, memories or our experiences. Our true self is the witnesser – the seer of our thoughts, emotions and ego.

As I look back, I draw upon some of the most harmonious and tranquil visions of my childhood years growing up along the countryside. Living in nature inspired me as a child even though I didn’t know then of the impact it would have on my life. Now, I allow myself to use childhood memories as the brushstrokes to my creativity. Whether I am designing a new home for myself or a client, I allow creativity to flow from the authentic self.

The property we owned on Lake Ontario, named Mexico point, was always a special place to me as a child. My dad purchased it as a young boy with one of his brothers and their closest family friend. They didn’t have much money, but together they were able to buy this beautifully positioned property on Lake Ontario, not knowing it would one day carry its own legacy. Mexico Point made such an impact on me, that I have written about it all throughout my life, telling the story of its roots, recalling visits and sharing the most inspirational images that are instilled in me today.

Over the years, I designed each of my homes using bits and pieces of memories. I have waited my entire life to finally design a home using memories of Mexico Point. This property was not only gorgeous, with scenic views of Lake Ontario, but the grounds were incredibly plush green and the unique architecture was old world charm. Bill Casey, who was our lifetime tenant on the grounds, was a professor from Columbia University. He selected our property as his summer home based on its sunsets, unlike any he said he had ever seen anywhere in the world. In memory of his mother, he had structures built on our property by famous artists from around the globe. (To read the full story of Mexico Point, stay tuned here).

Our recent home’s sale has allowed me to move forward with a dream. Creating though inspiration, visions and memories, I selected the home we are purchasing now as a blank canvas. I will use memories of Mexico Point, drawing from it’s tranquility, calm, and beauty to guide my design. Its cottage-like architecture, antiquity and what I refer to as old world charm, has become my signature style. This home is a new beginning, a reflection of my past and I am grateful.

My studies into spirituality at the Chopra Center have opened my eyes to a new life. Meditation takes us to the deepest level of awareness where we connect with our true self. We are not learning something new. We are simply connecting to what already exists within us. Creativity is the path, not the destination. When we seek spiritual growth, we go within. There are markers along the way in our lifetime. Some people notice them. Some people don’t. Awareness allows natural moments to carry us. Using nostalgic memories and visions of our past allow us to be who we are and create from the true self. Our authentic self. Our being. Our soul.



“The measure of your enlightenment is the degree to which you’re comfortable with unpredictability, ambiguity, detachment of how things should be.” Chopra Center

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