We often forget just how important breath is to us. Every Breath represents life.

Breath, known as Prana, is life force. Prana grounds us, it mirrors us, it calms us. It harmonizes everything we do. Our prana connects us to our inner self. Breathing creates awareness of our conscious mind. Our Spirit energy, our breath, takes us inward to silence where we connect with our true being, our soul.

We get so consumed we forget our breath. We need to trust our breath. Our breath helps us connect with the silent place where we embark on our personal journey.

Take a moment today and just sit silently at your desk, outside, in your car, anywhere you are and just breath.

Listent to your breath. Inhale deeply, hold and exhale calmly. Be aware of your breath and do this several times. No need to rush. Inhale, Exhale. Inhale, Exhale.

Let your breath flow like a river……

This is your day.



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