Watch here for inventory. I will soon be selling Gucci re-sale from my personal wardrobe and other designer pieces from my closet. Clothes, shoes, handbags and belts. All interior design inventory will be posted here and on Instagram @Michele.Marano going forward. If you’d like to buy from my company, this is where you will purchase and I will make announcements when my company participates in markets. My Inventory sells fast, so watch one or both media accounts. I will not be posting on FB Marketplace. I will soon be leaving Postmark.

All items are available by pick up only. Some items will be available within the next couple of weeks. You can purchase in advance. NO RETURNS ARE ALLOWED. NO EXCHANGES ARE ALLOWED.

Most items are unique, one of a kind, flawed, old and that is called antique. If it has a scratch, a flaw, a chip or a dent, it has character. Most of my inventory is Architectural, Corbels, Doors and Chairs.

Chairs in above Photo are French Deconstruct Antique Set of 2 Chairs $400. Grey Chairs below are new and are sold as a set.

Email me for pick up and payment. Credit Cards are accepted. All Items are taxed.

New Side Chairs Grey Linen Deconstructed with Burlap accent, $500 each sold as set x 2
European Architectural Half Moon Reclaimed Wood – $2500
Salmon Set of Doors – Sold as a set of Doors $1250 (right and left door). Individual Door is not available / French Bench $450

Salmon Set of Doors
Set of Pillars Approx 83 inches tall Sold as a Set of 2 $200
Set of Shutter Doors Hinged $175
Standing Floor Size Corbel to Use as a Base for Table $250
Single Corbel $200 Very Imperfect Old from PA
Deconstructed Chair $150

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