In todays Chopra guided mediation, we focused on wisdom and consciousness, the 6th and 7th chakras. It is the highest chakra that supports the light in who we are, our true self. The 7th charka is the crown.

It is sometimes called our awakening, our consciousness of being. When you wake in the morning, you open your eyes to light. You become aware, your consciousness begins immediately in guiding you. Not everyone is spiritually awakened however, and it is in the awakening of this consciousness, that we perceive and live our lives not as we have been conditioned.

Our spiritual journey begins, and it is the journey that allows us to break from the past, old beliefs and conditioning that was brought onto us through our parents and experiences. Our spiritual journey awakens the true self, the inner being, the soul within us. This is how we are able to live our hopes and dreams when our visions of who we are is activated on our journey. Our purpose of fulfilling our passions becomes our path.

Spiritual awakening is natural. Just as we open our eyes to the morning light, in our spiritual journey, we open our eyes to the inner light, the light of consciousness. Consciousness and inner wisdom are one. It is this, that is our inner guide. Wisdom, knowingly, intuition is automatically within who we are. It is our reference point, our navigation, our guide within us. We know from a deep connection within.

Oprah said, “when we express our flow, we open, awaken, activate, radiate the energy from our inner sources of calm, happiness, power, love, truth, wisdom, a natural flow of that energy radiates beyond us and builds truths, positivity, and healing to the world.”

Our connection to this radiance, wisdom, the highest light with in us is experienced through meditation,. We find inner vision and we use this in our daily lives. Our spiritual journey leads us to our truth, our being as we are. The past conditioning, separations and other obstacles in our life clouds the true vision of our purpose, creativity, knowledge, dreams, and our true being. Meditation facilitates this and opens our eyes to our self.

One day, you may too wake up.

Nameste, Michele

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