With much feeling, a little thought and some anticipation, the decision was to go very light on the original, decades-old wood planked floors. I faced the risk of not matching vinyl I installed in some areas of the home and I wanted the look to be close but the feeling I wanted was continuity. The decision comes effortlessly and the rest, and let’s say the rest is just feeling. 

Design thru inspiration is what I talk a lot about but what does that mean?  I’m an Atypical Designer. I had already earned one bachelors degree at the young age of 21 and I decide to go back and take interior design classes 15 years later. After a couple of semesters, I realized I was paying for something I already had. I didn’t need another degree to support my designs, I just needed to design. 

It’s been decades of self-teaching, trial and error and mainly fortitude that has earned me experience in renovations and redesigning homes.  It wasn’t until recently, however, that I took a step back and watched actually, how I do what I do.  In the process of creating, I realized how much of it is derived from feelings. My studies at the Chopra Center was kind of like the last piece of the puzzle. The picture tells a story but not til complete. I have the ability to see the room before it exists. Each house I ever purchased was decided through feeling and intuition. A feeling that I have when entering a home is the decision that determines whether I will purchasing or not. Sometimes the feeling is so right, I can envision the home completed, as if I’ve already designed it. Of course this is when I know it’s my next purchase. 

Most of my original work has been my own homes, with some work in between helping others. Whether it’s my property or someone else’s, I find the most fulfillment creating beauty from nothing.  At first it was scary but as time went on I would find my way through it.  It has taken years to define what I like and which style would best suite my signature. I still evolve, as things change and the feeling is different for every home I have ever worked on.  

I grew up along the countryside of upstate New York. My parents owned a lot of land, mainly muck farming land and as a child I took this all in, emotionally. Nature played a significant part of my childhood and it is through those memories that I’m able to connect with my true self. Going internally and meditating became the focal part of everything I do, whether it is filming for a post on Instagram, creating a living room or deciding how I want a butlers pantry to look. When I studied at the Chopra Center, my creativity really exploded and it was proof to myself that everything we’ve ever wanted is already within us. Creating is brining something new into existence, and it comes from within. I call this flow, I call it Design thru Consciousness because that is what it is. There is nothing to hide about what I do, it’s just an effortless way of expressing myself through my work.

Real estate and design clients will tell you how they see me make decisions when they are working along side me. I am asked how did you make that decision and I don’t have an explanation other than, the feeling. I offer a self-inspirational workshop by doing guided shopping tours to Round Top, Texas during the shows. If you look at the beauty of things at a much deeper level, other than the surface, you will perceive differently. For example, I frame my artwork in old, less-than perfect gold, ornate frames. Some are really tattered but they are so beautiful just the way they are, in their worn condition. Some people don’t get it and that’s ok. Everyone wants to be inspired and I show how to perceive from the senses. Through visions, memories and nature, the heart speaks and creativity flows. Creativity comes from with in, the self.

Most, but not all of my projects are my own homes. I plan to do one in Destin, Florida and another in Brenham but I move with flow. I don’t force the situation. I let it happen, spiritually you can say. When the moment presents itself, I do what I love to do. I feel like its magic, mystical, wonder-essence. Creativity is an extension and an expression of our who we are. When you let the magic happen, creations just fall into place. This is flow. This is Design through Consciousness.



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