In the process of creating, redesigning a home, the client’s input is paramount through inspiration and conceptual interests. What I do is somewhat different because I use inspiration as the tool, allowing the client to participle, listening to their ideas and then bringing the ideas to life. I discuss this in my videos on Instagram and facebook business pages.

I often ask how the client is feeling with certain colors, sometimes there are memories we want to project, feelings of a place or special pieces that create a certain warmth. I look for expressions, emotions, and reactions to our discussions and through this inspiration process I am hoping to capture the client.

I feel as though I am writing a documentary. There are a lot of questions, some directed at the home and some are not. Through our senses alone, the creative process guides us in directions that give us ideas and from there, the creations begin.

As with most designers, a vision board showcases concepts so the client can visualize the ideas on paper. Although this is still difficult for some, it eases the guessing of how things will look, ie, materials, room layout, and drawings before they are brought together in physical.

Board 1 and Board 2. Board 2 had color samples on the far right but the client was able to retrieve them and place them on the wall as samples.

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