Our journey was just about complete. The client and I met on the day of photos and sadly, it was my final day on this project. Today we would tie all the loose ends together and the home would be professionally photographed. The journey was an exciting one, and I always take away with me something much bigger than the pictures, the inspiration of meeting new friends. This means everything to me and seeing their excitement and appreciation is fulfillment in many ways.

My client gathered together pieces she purchased on her recent trip to San Marcos. Beautiful pottery of different shapes and sizes. I know she loves architectural elements and the beautiful pieces she was bringing back from her country are meaningful to her, adding her inspiration to the home. The accent pieces mean as much as the design itself. This is what ties everything together to tell a client’s story. There are so many ways to create such beauty, using special pieces, art, color, and the smallest piece can touch a room.

The home looked so tidy and I could see the excitement, tears of joy in her eyes. She was happy the home was complete and it was time for her to start her new project, a journey her and her family will carry forward with their families. The home was to be used for gatherings, mainly family but she was extending this venue to others outside her family. The idea is to rent a beautiful space, not just as an Airbnb, but a place where you can go for a special event, a wedding, intimate groups to share with one another, laughter and memories. She was bringing together individuals to enjoy the luxury of this home.

After I departed, she situated the beautiful outdoors in tables and seating, beautiful hutches, grand islands spreads for flowers, table settings, a beautiful way to tie everyone together. The memories are just beginning at this “Quaint Charm House”, as she calls it. This home has come a long way and it has much inspiration to bring to many.

Below is the gallery of After Photos.

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