Each day I wake very early with the anticipation of a quiet restless morning, a serene meditation and then I write. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a creative person who primarily expresses through creating, designing, writing, dancing, painting and cooking. Yes, I know it seems like a lot, but it’s true. I truly love to create. Expressing is part of allowing our self to be the true essence of who we are. In creating, I find self-inspiration. It is through memories and visualizations that I create, but above all, it is nature and my intuition that guides me.

When I meditate, I am able to write freely, with very little thought. Writing takes willingness and time, the ability to sit and dedicate expression to words. After mediation, I find myself less compelled to hold back thoughts and my heart feels truly open. This is the true self. I often write in visualization. I see memories as clear as day. My visions of nature through childhood years never left me. Nature impacted me, creating wonder and curiosity, allowing me to recognize the beauty of simplicity.  

People ask, how do you visualize a room? I just see what it is I am imagining, and I can see as clearly as words in a book.  When I’m designing for someone other than myself, it is often difficult portraying the vision as I see it because even though you use tools for this, some people have a hard time imagining. I walk into a home and immediately see the roots, the characteristics of the home, the bones and with a little thought, I can also see a finished look.

My creativity in designing homes took itself to a new level after completing studies through the Chopra Center. Creativity was always a big part of my life, from childhood years I would draw a lot, and I studied dance through college, longing to become a fashion designer, but it was when I left the work environment that I decided to start my own design company and incorporate creativity into my business. Dance never leaves me and cooking is a passion, having just completed my first cookbook dedicated to my Sicilian grandmother. It was understanding the impact of mediation, that opened the floodgates to creativity. The soul seeks expression and it is though creativity that the true self speaks. When you self reflect and understand self realization, your perception of everything changes, and you feel free, a natural part of being. This is when creativity just flows, gracefully, and you do what you are meant to do in this life.

I am grateful for being creative and able to express myself though work. I see visions and my heart interprets what I feel, creating spaces that portray just being. I create calm, comfort and serenity, pure solitude. Through color, architectural and furniture pieces that are meaningful and a time that I remember, I create. 

What we long for is comfort, a place that reminds us of a time. We’ve been there before, we feel the space and smell the scents. It brings us home. It brings comfort. This is how I design. I incorporate the writing I feel when I meditate into the design of any space. 

I now take this on the road with me and speak about design through inspiration. www.MicheleMarano.com

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