For those of you following Michele on Instagram, you have probably seen these beautiful chairs in an ad. So much of Michele’s inventory is for sale, along with some of her own pieces she has barely touched.

Michele is getting out of selling and getting into sourcing for her clients. Looking for a specific piece? Chances are she can find it for you. All you need to do is send her an email with your desired interests of the piece you are looking for in your home or business and she will do the best she can to help you either find a piece or have one created. Prices are based on piece so be sure to identify your budget.

If you hire her to source for you there is a $150 up-front fee for her to find the pieces for you, that will be credited to your sale. The main idea is that while she is searching for that specific piece, you haven’t forgot about it or found it somewhere else. Kinda like when you hire a Realtor, you don’t forget the person you hired.

Also, Michele provides full design services, including painting and color selections, venetian plaster to your walls and ceiling, decor ideas, furniture sourcing, furniture selections, room arrangements. Looking at changing the entire look? She does that too. New home? She can help get you started and define your look; help you find the right pieces for each room.

Her showroom, her house. If you want to see magic, visit Michele. or 713-899-8420.

Chair Set Prices: Grey Chair Set with deconstructed frame, $1200 — Navy and Moroccan Upholstery French Chair Set, $900 — Standing Floor Corbel, $200 — Grey Corbels Set $425

Need Ironstone? Contact Michele. She has every piece of Ironstone you can imagine in her collection. Maybe she has the piece you’ve been wanting.

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