When I completed the Chopra Center Meditation study program, I began writing a lot and realized how much one can actually open up to words on paper. Writing is something I always wanted to do but felt intimidated by the task. Now, I find myself writing more and hope to one day finish both books I am currently writing.

The meditation classes opened my way of writing to a new level. First it was poetry, and then it was describing the studies, hoping to share my experience with others. I look back and see the changes in myself, my writing, my creativity and I always see something that remains the same throughout. My desires from childhood to now have played out on paper and I am doing everything I ever wanted to do. Through changes and growth, I’ve been truthful to myself, always being who I am, and doing what I love.

I try to be open about my experience because I am a creative person and I see from an artist’s point of view. Through Chopra studies, I became much more creative, exploding with new ideas, artwork, creations, home designs, and meditations for my clients. I’ve always been creative but I find endless new creations, ideas, and the motivation to do more, every day. I found new ways of approaching social media, grasping creativity and sharing it the way I saw best. In doing so, I’ve always wanted to produce, and so production became my focal point, making Instagram my own show. Producing is something that intrigued me, being tangled with writing and creating, and so I now find myself exploring documentary writing. In the meantime, my video productions serve myself and clients well.

From the heart, much happens. For me, I find myself listening consistently to intuition, a knowingly I have learned to embrace. For many of us, we don’t hear or listen, some don’t even know it exists. The closer you become with your true self, you as being, the more direct understanding you have with intuition. As we listen, we are guided spiritually and life flows, somewhat with ease. A sense of peace derives from the internal knowing, the sense of strength and compassion within us.

Fear does not lead us. Fear controls us.

Fear is a hidden stain within us.

A stain that’s been there from the past. A stain we never removed. The stain was once made and we ignored it. And fear is the stain that appears before us.

Fear comes in many ways. We see it in ourself and it appears in others. We see it in the eyes of someone, a person doesn’t like us, they feel fear and it is reflected back on us.

We feel fear but we are only seeing the stain. The stain we left untouched. Waiting for it to go away.

Fear goes away when you wash the stain. You see it, you face it and you wash it away. From then on, you control your own destiny.

You live your dream. You always had the ability to do what you love, but you didn’t listen. Instead you listened to other sounds. Sounds that do not matter.

Listen to the sounds of being. Silence, calm, peace and joy. Do you hear it? If not, wash away your stains.

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