I appreciate everyone who is following and supporting my business. For the first 20 years, I thank you. This will be my 21st year anniversary for my Design Company.   (Chairs in photo available for sale.)

I worked in energy commodities on Wall Street in the 80’s. It was my original career out of college and I was anticipating a life in business. My original degree started in fashion design and although I loved creativity, it was in college that I made the decision to go the business route and follow my dad’s footsteps in commodities. As a little girl, my dad would speak about trading and I always told him one day I would work there, on Wall Street and he always said, “but it is only men.” I ended up working on Wall Street, on the exact exchange where my dad owned a seat, The New York Mercantile Exchange. I worked for years in this career but my conscious had a deep longing to work in design, and to be creative was always on my mind. My goal was to combine business one day with art and run my own business.

I’ll never forget my love for European and French decor but I started with just a few pieces from Monterey from a dear friend who was a designer from Mexico.  I started buying antiques and stacked them one by one in my townhouse garage. It was 2002 that my design company was born.

I hired my friend and we ended up working together. My projects started with my own homes, purchased one by one and each one sold incredibly fast. They all had one thing in common. They were thoughtfully designed and then artfully staged. People loved the homes and each one sold. I did this for many years. 

My business eventually evolved and I worked on my own properties, while extending my business to others. Then, when I became licensed in real estate the market shifted.  It was then that The Marano Bag was born. It took on a life if it’s own, being hand selected by buyers from William Sonoma. Thanks to the Manager of the Highlands Village store, my bags were picked up and carried by WS.  I was grateful and my company launched a new direction. 

My passion for art, design and my knowledge in business has allowed me to evolve and grow over the years. Now, decades later, my company has evolved yet again.  It was through my studies at the Chopra Center that propelled my creativity and parachuted my business to new levels.  It was in the recent years that I realized how we are here to offer our purpose to the wold and when you allow your passions to guide you, all else with flow. This has happened for me. My expertise in real estate and understanding markets is truly a gift. I also have an intuition of how, when and where to buy, having never made a mistake in my personal real estate purchases and sales. It has been an eternal sense of my true nature. I was trained on Wall St. to understand changing, complex markets and the fundamentals of why markets move. When I got into real estate, I translated this understanding to the real estate market. Very few agents are able to articulate this. I carry this expertise with me now because it is primarily the driving force of my properties, however the icing on the cake is the experience and eye for design. I have the ability to visualize a home transformed. I see it specifically with design ideas that come to me. This has been an honor and I am grateful to offer these services now to others.

Design Through Inspiration is the basis of what I do now, still combining my expertise in real estate and business with the combination of creating a spectacular property. Doing it correctly, beautifully and mindfully, I craft the details with an  understanding of flow and nature. Our memories can be used as inspiration and nature has many ways of inspiring who we are, what we do.  I continue designing my personal properties and offer my service in many capacities to others. 

Although I am not your traditional real estate agent, I hold special consultations for those who want real meaning behind buying and selling, but my priority is designing beautiful properties, transforming ugly into something real special. I love doing this because its truly a passion and the expectations are always exceeded. Various classes and consultations are offered in design through inspiration, design packages and I also offer design services, flat fees and packages.

Where we live is our serenity and we create the lifestyle we want. It all starts at home.  Go to shop on this site to book a service with Michele.



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