In todays meditation, Chopra discusses the flow of energy through all 7 chakras. The balance of each chakra contributes to our happiness. 

We each bring energy in every thing we do, and that energy not only affects how we feel but also affects those around us.

Being an Empath, I can feel peoples energy without even thinking about it. Negative or positive, energy is easily picked up without people even knowing. It’s the same as being intuitive and feeling peoples intentions, whether good or bad, I can easily read individuals and groups. One day I will expand more on Claircognizance and Empathy.

When we find joy at the level of spirit, it’s genuine, absolute and infinite. There are no substitutions for it. It doesn’t come from wealth, career or material objects. It comes from an internal contentment where you give without losing anything. When you give, whether or not your giving is received, you’re expanding your own internal happiness. You are being generous with spirit. If you are generous with spirit, there is nothing to lose.

Every aspect of consciousness comes from a limitless source. When we are secure with our own wisdom, there is selfless happiness to expand around ourselves.  Remember, those around you can feel your energy. Your energy is received and is a direct impact to the world.

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