Today, I talk about my favorite topic, intuition. Inner wisdom is a topic I speak about often about, if you follow me here or on Instagram.

Our guiding self is that inner voice that leads us to the decisions that are best for us. 

The 6th Chakra, is the eye between the eyebrows. When blocked, you feel confused and lost in decision making but when the energy is clear, and flowing, you are able to perceive with clarity, knowing with confidence what is right. 

Getting to a place of clarity requires several things we can do to have a calm trusting perception. 

You ask, how do I get that? 

Intuition is an internal wisdom. You do not receive it from the external world. So in order to perceive from the inside, our eyes must see the wold clearly. “We see the world through our eyes, however, it is when our eyes are connected to the soul, that we can truly perceive what is real.” Chopra

When we meditate, we go within. We silence the mind. This is how we connect with the true self, the soul. When you connect with your true self, you begin trusting your inner wisdom. It’s automatic, a natural essence of being. Meditation allows us the ability to go within and step outside of a problem that exists in the external world. Let it go and you will move though it or allow it to move through you. Feel your way. This is your inner wisdom. You have the unlimited capacity of internal wisdom. Its knowledge, it’s knowing, its actually the answers you hold within your self. In meditation we get silent and we are able to listen.

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