When perception becomes clear of what’s real, we are aware of our inner light, the grace of love, the beauty of awareness and the soundness of being. 

We are reflections of our past, visions of our future. We transcend from our own stories. Our experience is a reflection of our being. It’s both mystical and mysterious, gratifying and gracious.  Knowingly is the awareness of our own consciousness. It guided us, speaks to us, answers us, teaches us. It only takes silence to understand it. 

Our gifts are within us. Who we are is seen through the eyes of our soul. We are not our thoughts, emotions, or experiences.  We are the witness of our journey. We write our own script. We are here to live out the story we write, being the witness of our perception. 

I write a lot about my past, memories and studies at the Chopra Center. Our perceptions are what we want them to be. Since we are not our thoughts, we learn to draw from our own awareness, our consciousness of being. Meditation, creativity, silence. The study of Vedanta is the means of learning self-realization. Vidya means to know, to understand, to hold knowledge. Avidya, the opposite, means spiritual ignorance, not knowing or inquiring of the inner self, the true self, the soul. Samadhi means awareness. For many years, I had inner questions and when I realized it was time to explore these question, new avenues appeared to me. My studies continue and as we learn and explore, we grow.

My certification at the Chopra Center allows me to teach Primordial Sound Mediation. Whether it is real estate, design, or meditation, I am here to guide, inspire, and share my knowledge.

When you are ready to explore your spiritual journey, the means of learning will appear.



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