Stage Your Home To Sell

Staging homes before listing. Michele Marano in Houston, TX.

Michele Marano

Staging Your Home: Preparing Your Home to List

Before any home is listed, there needs to be preparations, not only for the camera but also for each showing.

My experience with homes, design and listings is that a home without the design may lack a sale. My team does the design preparations for you when we list your home. We use your furnishing and if the home does not have any, we can add a piece here and there if needed so it is not empty. If your home is already furnished, we will do minor changes, as in adding artwork, putting away small objects or adding accessories where needed.

We also suggest major changes, if necessary, prior to listing your home. All of our clients’ homes have sold with the attention to our design advice. Every home can look great, however, it takes the sellers initiative to use our team, who will make a difference and move your home.

Michele Marano has combined the beauty of home design ideas and styles to real estate.  Michele Marano & Associates – website offers Antiques available at The Antique Gallery of Houston located in Spring, Texas.  

Staging your home – with your furnishings is a no cost service when you list your home for sale with Michele and Kristi.  

Fees for Stye – Design Ideas

Initial 1 hour consult fee: $150

Hourly Fee: $75

Staging for Homes (clients furnishings)
Free with Exclusinve Right to Sell Listing Agreement 




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