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Michele Marano



Michele Marano provides real estate services for energy professionals to guide clients moving to and from Houston and the surrounding energy corridor locations. Michele Marano’s 15 years of experience in energy commodity markets enhances her ability to guide clients through the
complexities of buying and selling their homes in the Houston market. Not only does Michele Marano completely understand and speak the real estate market, but she is also versed with both the national economy and the mortgage industry and can discuss energy-related matters with clients.

The premise of Michele Marano’s business is about giving back. The service Michele Marano provides to clients is an in-depth understanding of not only residential real estate, but deal-making, negotiations, market value, risk assessment, and market trend understanding. The Texas Real Estate Commission provides a license to practice real estate, but an individual’s experience in business is what sets one agent apart from the rest.

Michele Marano’s credibility is proven by her intentions as she places great importance on offering her clients a value they will not find anywhere else. Demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness instantly with her clients, who she shares a common background and business language with, provides a good sense of comfort from the start. Michele Marano puts her clients first in every situation. With passion in real estate and enthusiasm to help others, Michele Marano dedicates her expertise to each client.

Michele Marano is a licensed Realtor with Realty Associates.



NAME: Michele Marano, real estate professional for the energy professional in Houston and the surrounding energy corridor.
DESCRIPTION: Michele Marano provides professional expertise to guide clients moving within, to and from Houston and the surrounding Energy Corridor locations.Michele Marano provides professional expertise to guide clients moving within, to and from Houston and the surrounding Energy Corridor locations.
BROKERAGE: Realty Associates
1223 Antoine Drive
Houston, TX 77055
(713) 464-5656
TEAM: Michele Marano, real estate agent for the energy professional
Kristi Graham, real estate associate
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: Extensive background in markets, other than real estate, and the understanding of how to maneuver in and out of competitive, fast-moving, changing market conditions. Comprehensive, detailed and creative offers submitted in a timely manner that stand out from others in a competitive arena. Extensive skill sets necessary in negotiating deals, contracts, bids, and offers. Advice on the what, when, where, how and why of real estate transactions, based on knowledge of local and global economies and market trends.



Michele MaranoMichele Marano holds a bachelor’s degree from Marymount College in Tarrytown, N.Y., and has more than 15 years of experience brokering energy commodity markets on The New York Mercantile Exchange. She has worked with Dean Witter Reynolds, Shearson Lehman Brothers and Tradition Financial Services, and other small boutiques. Michele was the first female broker who started an Electricity OTC broker desk in 1995 after deregulation.

Michele Marano has developed a real estate division specifically for the energy professional. Whether moving from within Houston, or from another city, her team provides real estate services for energy professionals.

“After many moves from the East Coast to Houston, I wish there had been a specific Realtor to call on, who focused on the energy professional and who could relate to my business. Now, I am that real estate agent, calling on my experience to give back to the energy industry.”


  • Accomplished Energy Commodity Broker, New York, Connecticut and Houston.
  • Proven expertise with options, futures, and OTC derivatives for recommendations with price structures and hedging strategies for crude oil, heating oil, gasoline and electricity markets.
  • Expert in complex contract negotiations.
  • First female to start Electricity Brokerage OTC desk after market deregulation.
  • Applies commercial expertise and skill set to the marketplace as a Realtor and Independent Investor.
  • Market savvy capability in changing markets, fast moving markets and complex deals.