Homes in Shenandoah

I think one of the best kept secrets is Shenandoah. I say that because it is a tiny city-independent of, and adjacent to the Woodlands. It seems to have a numbers of new homes, many of which are less than 5 years old. In addition, a handful of builders are working on new construction so the area is relatively nice throughout. Although there is still one neighborhood older than 40 years, it will eventually transition to a builder or remain there until it takes one homeowner to tear down and start a new trend of rebuild on the block.

Shenandoah is less than 2 miles to Market Street, the Waterway, the Woodlands Mall, and a new Whole Foods on Lake Woodlands Drive. It is a seconds from the freeway because it is positioned along the east west side of Interstate 45. What makes it the most attractive is that it is a small city of it’s own and value in homes will do very well here. Homes range in the low $500,000 to upwards of just below a million. For this reason alone it is the best kept secret.