Homes in the Heights and Washington Blvd.

The Heights

The Heights is a combination of an upscale, new and old, historical district.  Blended with a mix of eclectic and nouveau, topped with an old sense of charm, the area attracts those looking for the nontraditional residential neighborhood. With a flare for style, arts, trends restaurants, and entertainment, the Heights offers an array of interests and tastes.

Homes in this area range dramatically in price based on location and structure. Most homes in the Heights are town-homes and single family homes. The Heights is a “SoHo” district of Houston with key advantages of being minutes from Downtown and having major access to all of Houston. One of the biggest attractions to the Heights is its convenient location to downtown, the galleria, and the energy corridor, having easy access to Interstate 1-10.

Washington Corridor

Bordering the Heights area is Washington Corridor, which sits adjacent to Rice Military. Positioned along the north side of Memorial Drive, makes Rice Military/Washington Corridor an appealing area with a quick commute to downtown. Washington Ave. is yet another trending area in Houston with lots of restaurants and shops situated in a walk-friendly community. Rice Military, although congested, is a skip from Washington Ave, and a few blocks from Memorial Park. If you opt for a view of downtown from your townhome rooftop, you will find it in this area.

The Heights and Washington Blvd. cater to the artistic, trendy, and avid historian and provides access to major entertainment, restaurants, antiques, art shops, and vintage shops.



Zip Codes: 77007, 77009