The Energy Team – Real Estate for the Energy Professional

Michele Marano - Founder of Real Estate for the Energy Professional. Real estate in the Houston area, specializing in the energy industry.Michele Marano

Michele Marano is the Founder and Director of “Real Estate for the Energy Professional.” Realty Associates.

The premise of Michele Marano’s business is about giving back. The service Michele Marano provides to clients is an in-depth understanding of not only residential real estate, but deal-making, negotiations, market value, risk assessment, and market trend understanding. “The Texas Real Estate Commission provides a license to practice real estate, but an individual’s experience in business is what sets one agent apart from the rest,” quotes Michele Marano.

Michele Marano’s credibility is proven by her intentions as she places great importance on offering her clients a value they will not find anywhere else. Demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness instantly with her clients, who she shares a common background and business language with, a good sense of comfort is provided from the start. Michele Marano puts her clients first in every situation. With passion in real estate and enthusiasm to help others, Michele Marano dedicates her expertise to each client.

Kristi Graham - Real Estate agent in Houston, part of the Energy Team.Kristi Graham

With a degree in Applied Learning and Development with honors from The University of Texas at Austin, Kristi’s strategic interest in real estate is educating the client through the purchase and sales process. As a native Houstonian, Kristi grew up in Kingwood and has lived in West University and Southampton. Her great insight into Houston’s various markets is what makes her knowledge unique in being a specialist to specific areas and details to Houston’s real estate.

Before becoming a Realtor®, Kristi spent 12 years in residential banking and finance, successfully negotiating and underwriting mortgage purchase and refinance transactions saving her clients money along the way. This experience further enhances her value to her clients by providing expert contract negotiating skills and extensive knowledge of the mortgage loan, appraisal process and financing options to the multitude of fine details which make or break each transaction. She brings her financial expertise to each real estate transaction allowing her customers to feel at ease in any situation. Kristi’s growing success as an agent is a result of her patient and diligent demeanor, and her unwavering ability to consider her clients’ best interest above all. Once she has fully vetted a property, she focuses on strategically negotiating each transaction to create additional value for her clients. She’s always accessible, great about following up, and ready to go the extra mile.

More importantly, understanding how to set pricing accurately and understanding market trends is what drives a sale in today’s nontraditional market. Not every agent is equipped to maneuver in this type of market and that is why Michele designed “Real Estate for the Energy Professional” and organized The Energy Team.

Once you understand real estate, you can buy or sell it anywhere in the state. That is what “Real Estate for the Energy Professional” is all about.