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Michele’s Real Estate Tips You Should Know

Whether you are a buyer, seller, builder, or agent, tips for you to know:

  1. A contingency contract is not a great idea.  Contingency contracts can affect as many as 4 or more parties.  If you are not able to buy without an immediate sale of your home, you should wait until you can.  A contingency contract requires 100% accuracy for all parties – not only your side. Chances are there will be a delay in a loan, an appraisal, or a number of other issues that will affect all transactions tied to one deal.   If your agent puts  you in a contingency, then it is their job to manage the situation – even when another party falters.
  2. You should have a loan approval before you go out to view homes.  First of all, you should do this as a favor to yourself.  An approval proves your financial capability of purchasing a home.  In addition, it also demonstrates your  “willingness” of going through the process to the parties that will be working with you, i.e. your Agent. Typically an agent will not take you to view homes, until you are approved.  I advise clients to shop on-line prior to an approval and get familiar with locations and pricing.  Then, when the approval is in hand, off we go!
  3. Prepare to take an agent with you when you buy from a builder.  The sales team or the “listing agent” works for the builder and has their best interest over yours.  Remember, this is the law.  Whomever represents the builder is working for the builder, not the buyer.  If you think you can get a better deal with no representation, you’re wrong.  You can try to negotiate yourself, however, if you don’t know what is customary, who pays for what, how much things cost, etc., then you probably won’t know what to negotiate.

Michele’s Tips

michele marano sellHow to Sell with Intent

Select an asset of your home and accentuate it with attention.

Create a sense of comfort and serenity so buyers feel drawn in.

Keep things simplified, elegant and immaculate.

Use dim lighting in certain areas and use natural light throughout.

Colors should be serene, subtle and soothing.

The most inviting and appealing doorsteps create the most interest throughout.


Michele Marano buyHow to Buy in a Competitive Market

First, have an experienced agent prepared to work deals for you. Experienced means cultured in business dealings, the economy, and negotiation tactics and is confident in guiding you in a competitive market.

Timing is everything. Location will determine availability. Some areas are to watch and some areas to wait.

A knowledgeable agent can guide you to when, where and how to submit a deal.

Time is the essence; be prepared. You must be prepared to submit on the spot, not after a viewing.

Don’t waste time. You cannot compete if you are not ready to move quickly on a deal.

Strategically be prepared to stand out with your offer, not necessarily the highest price. Your agent should know how to do this.

Be smarter than the next buyer. Your agent’s ability will impact the outcome of the deal.

Michele Marano wiseWhat is Wise in Real Estate

· Buying and selling real estate is a serious investment, so treat it with attention, care and thoughtful intention.

· If you are not an expert in Real Estate, have an open mind to working with someone who is and heed the advice.

· Interview the agent who will represent the handling of your investment.

· Consider the knowledge and experience of the agent you hire, as the backbone of the deal.

· Your agent should be smarter than you in Real Estate.

· If you are speaking more to your agent’s assistant than your agent, find a new agent.

· Pay attention to economic factors and market conditions, and apply them to your purchase or sale.

· All deals require negotiations. If your agent does not negotiate the deal, you are on the losing side or there is no deal.

· The truth will win a deal, not a lie that will cost you money.

· If you hire an agent that tells you what you want to hear, you do not need that agent.


Michele Marano colorHow to Color Your Home

hue |(h)yo͞o|

• the attribute of a color by virtue of which it is discernible as red, green, etc., and which is dependent on its dominant wavelength, and independent of intensity or lightness.

Be familiar with the term hue. This will define the essence of colors you select.

Start with a blank canvas and begin with a selection of colors in front of you.

Pleasant colors are those that you love, and those that are admired by all.

Think of natural, peaceful, flowing, calming, and soothing colors from the earth.

Waves, sky, sand, beach, and other natural elements of nature emanate colors that are the most attractive.

Color creates ambiance so be selective in the setting you are creating to sell.


NegotiatephotoThe Art of Negotiating a Deal

Negotiations result in more than a handshake.

When it comes to negotiations, Donald Trump has always been my favorite in demonstrating how it’s done.  Now, with over more than a decade of practicing, I have found my own style and techniques that work.

Having worked for years in an environment where negotiations were ingrained in every deal, I was automatically trained from some of the best dealmakers on Wall Street.   Today, every deal I touch involves negotiations and it is rare for a deal to get by me with out some aspect negotiated.

Being involved in today’s market where the buyer is no longer writing full offers, negotiations are necessary.  Taking factors into consideration, such as global and national economics, and also the client’s needs and concerns, all are part of the means of negotiating.  This plays into how much, when and how hard you vie for your position.

If one party understands negotiations, and the other does not, the deal will lean in favor of the party who knows how to negotiate so it is important in understanding which side of strength you are on.

Negotiating is an art.  It is a tool that is taught but it is inherited as a natural talent.  The shrewdness of an individual’s business understanding will drive the competency of the negotiator.


WhitePicHow to Color a Home with White

When it comes to dressing a home, I use shades of white. Why, so many ask? Because white comes in a million different shades and white in variation adds magical color, without over doing it. Of course, you have to know how to select whites before you tackle this challenge.

I can’t tell you how bitter the color of “off the shelf” white is when I see it in a home. “Off the shelf” white is not a color name. It is a white that is purchased off the shelf and is not a mixed blend of other colors. Do not ever use this white! It is unattractive and screeching ugly.

You have to know how to select white for a room because there are so many to choose and there are many external factors that will affect the shade.

You can do an entire house in whites and make every room look different. Depending on the time of day, the room’s look will change as the light changes. Painting with white is like a puzzle that doesn’t look perfect until completed. Many people can’t look beyond the color of white because they don’t know that white is not really white. Although painting with white is a challenge, the outcome can be majestic!